Teeth Whitening

At Pierson Dental Associates, we have three whitenings at three different prices. Everyone can get whiter teeth.

Option #1

You can get a teeth whitening service for under $50. This by far is the less expensive method. Simply brush the whitener on your teeth and you will see results in about 2 weeks.

Option #2

With this option, you need to make an appointment and have impressions taken at our office to make custom trays. The custom trays (customized to your teeth) allow the whitening material to be more concentrated directly on the teeth. It’s more comfortable, and you wear it for less time (about 30 minutes/day). This option is available for around $200. This is the one I personally use.

Option #3

The third option is in-office power whitening. This option gives the most immediate results. This option is for fast results. “I have a meeting tomorrow” or “I have a class reunion this weekend”. This option can be performed in your dentist office in a little more than an hour, and cost less than $400.00

As a final message, please do not attempt any teeth whitening procedures without first consulting your dentist! If you have any other dental related questions, please feel free to “Ask Dr. Pierson!”


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