Extraction Vs. Root Canal

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Extraction is a lot cheaper than a root canal- short term. It might not be the best option.

Extraction versus Root Canals?

This is a great question. Most patients ask this question due to economics. I get asked all the time, which is cheaper?” I hate to answer a question with another question but my question is short term versus long term?

Short term it may be cheaper to extract (or pull) a tooth. Long term it’s probably cheaper to do a root canal and cap (crown). Why? Extraction over time will cause teeth to drift out of alignment. If you ever decide to replace this tooth, it will cost more due to the mis-alignment.

I always recommend a root canal and a cap (crown). This option corrects the problem at hand and does not make a future problem. The key here is the 2 procedures can not be seperated. Meaning, you can not just get the root canal and not proceed with the cap (crown). This is a major problem, and I consistently see this happening. When a tooth is root canaled, its very fragile and will break easily. The cap (crown) protects the root canaled tooth from breakage. By far this is your Best Treatment Option!

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