Why Do I Snore?

It is estimated that 30 million adults snore on a regular basis.

The severity of snoring varies. It can be a mild nuisance, or a symptom of a more serious, problem called sleep apnea. Snoring can cause excessive daytime sleepiness, memory impairment, morning headache, poor work performance and loss of sexual drive. (Now I have your attention!)

While snoring itself is not life threatening, it can interfere with a good night’s sleep for you, and anyone around you. Scientific studies have found that people within an earshot of snorers lose up to a 2 hour of sleep a night because of the nuisance.

Dr. Melvin K. Pierson, DDS, FAGD, FADI is playing a key role in the treatment of certain sleep disorders, including snoring and sleep apnea. Why? Because “A good night’s sleep has the power to restore the body and enliven the mind.”

Dr. Pierson will complete an initial consultation to determine the problem by asking several questions, reviewing airway blockage, and taking jaw measurements. Once the initial consultation is completed, Dr. Pierson may consult with a physician or a sleep clinic to have a sleep study performed.

Snoring is caused by vibration at the back of the throat, and dental appliances help to minimize or eliminate the problem. For basic snorers, an oral appliance can provide relief because it repositions the jaw and tongue. The appliance helps breathing become less labored, giving a person more room to breath quietly.

For those with sleep apnea, (a much more serious condition), Dr. Pierson refers patients to a sleep clinic for a sleep study test. Some of these patients will need a CPAP Machine while others may be treated with a specific sleep appliance. People with sleep apnea do not get enough oxygen during sleep, and breathing actually stops for a short period of time.

If you snore, or want to reduce the symptoms of snoring, Dr. Pierson recommends losing weight, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and a visit to the dentist for a snore appliance.

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