Your Sicklerville Dentist is Now Accepting New Patients!

When you move to a new town, finding new doctors and dentists can be difficult. You’re looking for a clinic that offers treatments you need, is located near to your work or home, has convenient office hours, and perhaps most importantly, delivers treatment in an environment free from stress or discomfort. If you’re looking for a new dentistry practice to call home, your Sicklerville dentist, Dr. Melvin Pierson, and his team at Pierson Dental invite you to give us a try. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable and friendly dentistry team today. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible dental services in a uniquely relaxed environment. 

What to Expect at Your First Visit

Before you ever arrive in our comfortable, Sicklerville dentist’s office, you’ll already have experienced the friendly service provided by our knowledgeable team while scheduling your visit. On the day of your new patient appointment, you’ll be greeted warmly. One of our team members will answer any questions you have, and help you complete all of your new patient forms. Then, you’ll meet Dr. Pierson. He plays a get-to-know-you game with every new patient. He tries to find three things he has in common with everyone he treats, and Dr. Pierson always wins this game! Next, he’ll talk to you about your goals and any concerns you currently have with your oral health.

When we’re sure we have all the information we need to provide exceptional dental care, we’ll get started on your treatment. This starts with x-rays and diagnostic images. Then, we’ll complete a thorough examination and teeth cleaning. Before you leave, we’ll review our findings and your treatment goals, and Dr. Pierson will partner with you to create a plan for ongoing oral health care.

Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Whether you’re new to the area or just getting started down the road to maintaining optimal oral health for a lifetime, preventive dentistry is essential. Every six months, we encourage patients to visit us for a dental checkup. This allows us to partner with you to prevent common oral health conditions rather than trying to combat them once they’ve already occurred. During these visits, we’ll carefully examine your smile screening for warning signs of tooth decay, gum disease, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), and oral cancer. A skilled hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from even the hardest to access areas of the smile. Then, we’ll sit down with you to discuss what we see and help you create a personalized treatment plan to ensure you maintain your healthiest smile.

Pierson Dental

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